Operating Scope Study


Many retailers are exploring implementing AI solutions. Beyond just chasing the “shiny object,” successful implementation requires a firm understanding of the business use cases. Making the solution explainable, easy to implement, and effectively communicating outcomes and protocols through the organization is also critical to success. To assist retailers on their AI journey to achieve marketing and operational improvements, RetailPredict.ai will undertake an Operating Scope Study for its partners.

Our four-week study


A review and articulation of the business challenge, i.e., store operations, merchandise planning, supply-chain issues, etc

An assessment of current analytic processes in place including a review of data, outputs, and KPIs, adoption, and identification of gaps, opportunities, and in-house talent.

Recommendations of solutions and articulation of a demonstrable ROI

Detailed steps to implementation, including data and analytics infrastructure, models, and model production.

The deliverable will be a written assessment from this investigation to help understand the issues and identify opportunities.